We took 6771 PHOTOS OF CHIANG MAI & NORTH THAILAND, moving a small step each time, and strung them together into a 2k resolution video. It's basically the fastest holiday photo slideshow ever.

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  1. Eight Miles from Home
    Eight Miles from Home 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    +TAT CHIANG MAI What do you think? Like what we did with the city? :-)

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  2. Sooonrat
    Sooonrat 7 April, 2015, 06:01


    I love it. 

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  3. Mark Wiens
    Mark Wiens 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    This is incredible work +Eight Miles from Home, loved watching it!

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  4. Tony Grant TV
    Tony Grant TV 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    +Eight Miles from Home, that was a healthy slice of pure *AWESOMENESS!*
    Well done you guys. 

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  5. Eight Miles from Home
    Eight Miles from Home 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    We took 6771 photos of Chiang Mai & Thailand then made the fastest holiday
    slideshow ever. @8milesfromhome EP25

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  6. Olgrg Pblt
    Olgrg Pblt 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    amazing you amazing thailand :)

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  7. tarpercy bunny
    tarpercy bunny 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    Wow..Thank you for visiting the Country thailand

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  8. Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft
    Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    Very very cool!!!!!! it changed a lot since i was there, not only in Chiang
    Mai no also the video technique:-) enjoyed this video very much, thanks

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    OM Goodness!! You have totally blown my mind with this video.. What great
    creativity and talent.. You are my favourite videographers of all time…
    This has got to be pure magic because I cannot believe what I have just
    seen Wow!! I can feel the time and great effort you have put into this
    video, you are both awesome. Thanks for sharing…

    Tony & Laura

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  10. DrAutoflower Adventures
    DrAutoflower Adventures 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    I have been watching since you guys had only 20000 views on your channel,
    super cool to watch the channel progress. By far this is the best editing
    of all travel and vlog channels. Hope you guys do some videos on how you
    edit all these. You guys really make me want to create better quality films
    like yours. I really think you guys need to reach out to some of the bigger
    youtubers and do some collaboration because your channel will easily get
    huge, just need some good shout outs. I added your channel to my
    recommended list 🙂 Cheers 

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  11. jajabing1722
    jajabing1722 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    That’s my province but I never seen it beautiful like this before. Really
    thank to show this side. All amazing!!

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  12. Dclubfoto Chiangmai fotographer
    Dclubfoto Chiangmai fotographer 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    Never seen thing like this LIKE it’..

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  13. ปรเมศวร์ ทัพมงคล
    ปรเมศวร์ ทัพมงคล 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    incredible work !! i dont’t know you before but after i saw WHAT A
    INCREDIBLE WORK !! then i have no choice , i must follow your work wanna
    watch another incredible work 🙂 welcome to Thailand :)

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  14. khom specialone
    khom specialone 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    สวยงามมาก ครับ good job.

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  15. Ake The Motal One
    Ake The Motal One 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    Wow, that was amazing how you put all those 6.7K+ photos into 3:50 minutes
    movie. Your camera shutter count must be in hundreds of thousand counts by

    GOOD job.

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  16. Icaroziikun Sukita
    Icaroziikun Sukita 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    damnnn you are da man! this vid is soooo freaking cool!

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  17. omeooverdrivev8
    omeooverdrivev8 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    Watched at 1440p :-)

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  18. Kristi Leigh
    Kristi Leigh 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    Stunningly beautiful and so creative…amazing!!

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  19. ณัฐพร น้อยอรุณ
    ณัฐพร น้อยอรุณ 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    ผมพิมพ์ภาษาอังกฤษไม่เป็น แต่ต้องขอบคุณ คุณมากที่ทำให้เมืองไทย
    ดูดีในสายตาชาวต่างชาติดูน่าอยุ่น่าเที่ยวในสายตานักท่องเที่ยว ^^

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  20. Dino Sabanovic
    Dino Sabanovic 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    Great production. I like it personally but some people might not like it.
    To much flickering. Next time use 16/9 aspect ratio, will be much better.

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  21. Rampanmont Sonthitiwitoon
    Rampanmont Sonthitiwitoon 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    เจ๋งมาก สวยมาก!

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  22. ประสพลาภ เพิ่มสิน
    ประสพลาภ เพิ่มสิน 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    เก่งมากครับ ๆ
    บ้านผมอยู่ เชียงราย อำเภอ แม่ลาว พอดีเลยย ^ ^

    Very Good !!

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  23. Samuel Johnson
    Samuel Johnson 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    OMG. The outcome I would give 10/10, but the effort I would give 100/10.
    Each movie keeps on getting better and better. Now, I really want to see
    how you will top this next month. That is something I really looking
    forward to.

    Thank you both. A BIG thumbs-up.

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  24. ธนวินท์ คำจริยา
    ธนวินท์ คำจริยา 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    I’m from Chiang Mai. ได้เห็นคลิปวีดีโอนี้ผมว่า กว่าจะได้
    ภาพออกมาแต่ละซีนนี้ ไม่ใช่ง่ายๆ เลยนะครับ
    ชอบและทึ่งในความขยันเก็บภาพและความคิด ของคุณ ครับ

    Sorry. I very bad English.

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  25. Chutipong Kongtongguy
    Chutipong Kongtongguy 7 April, 2015, 06:01

    I want to konw how to Production?. Scene WAT UMONG ,THE IRON BRIDGE and
    MAYA MALL. You use tripos assist to shooting the object or not ? because it
    look like to use Steadicam. And how many shoot frames at a one time ?

    Thank you.

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