Air China Flight Review: CA975 Beijing to Singapore

Welcome to my first flight review of 2012, which features the flag carrier of the People's Republic of China, Air China on their Boeing B767-300 aircraft and a red-eye flight from Beijing to Singapore. It was a pleasant night flight and tired me managed to grab forty winks onboard. I hope you'll enjoy my Air China experience!

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  1. Takeiteezz1
    Takeiteezz1 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    I have flown with Air China twice YVR-PEK-DEL and return. My experience has
    been nothing but disappointing. The service is average at best. The food is
    sub-par. They cancelled, delayed flights on our return trips both times.
    They put us in nice hotels in Delhi, but the hotels in Beijing were
    pathetic. I was shocked to hear that Air China is nation’s flag carrier.
    They better improve their standards. I will never fly with them again and I
    tell anyone who listens not to do it. Regarding PEK airport- The airport
    is BIG and seems to be under used especially at night. Our flights were at
    around 8.30 pm and it looked deserted. They built it for Olympics and now
    it seems too big. The security and immigration was ever worse. I don’t
    understand why you have to go thru immigration even for a connecting
    flight!!! Also, China needs to understand that everyone in the world is not
    a fan of Chinese food, so they need to bring more variety to their
    restaurants. To make the long story short, I will never fly Air China

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  2. jasnoor singh dhillon
    jasnoor singh dhillon 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    Do you like Air China Or Not.Tell Me I am Planning to book ticket from
    Delhi To San Francisco.Thankyou

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  3. Kurts Lee
    Kurts Lee 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    nice flight report!

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  4. Kenttheclark
    Kenttheclark 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    Only in Beijing Capital do they have 80+ contact gates and yet force you to
    board at a remote stand for no reason. #efficiency 

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  5. Paul Kuo
    Paul Kuo 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    The Holy Ghost is way more satanic than satan itself

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  6. RvXKaz
    RvXKaz 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    hey, i didnt recall any air pockets when taking off from beijing. maybe the
    weather situation during the day of your flight did play a part.

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  7. RvXKaz
    RvXKaz 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    @Aviationlover98 yes i do Tre haha! 0 degrees fahrenheit in Denver?! O_o
    thats freezing! Anyway, thanks so much for watching my video yet again! And
    yes, I’m living in Singapore which never goes below 75 degrees!

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  8. RvXKaz
    RvXKaz 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    @TheAirwaysTV its not bad for sure but I cant say about night videos.
    During videoing in low-light conditions, Canon tends to autofocuses and
    you’ll get certain parts that become blurry! I’m not sure if other camera
    brands have this issue! Anyways, thanks so much for watching and look out
    for my upcoming video! 🙂

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  9. RvXKaz
    RvXKaz 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    a thousand years.. cheers!

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  10. Fran Camino
    Fran Camino 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing it.

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  11. cathaynsingapore
    cathaynsingapore 10 March, 2015, 19:38
  12. Hen-A330
    Hen-A330 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    just a quick question, does Air China use automated announcements on their

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  13. RvXKaz
    RvXKaz 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    @DeltaEagle7700 haha! great aspiration to have! hope to be on your flight

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  14. Kapitan Borador Espejo
    Kapitan Borador Espejo 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    Hey! How about a photo of the beautiful flight attendant you mentioned
    towards the latter part?

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  15. RvXKaz
    RvXKaz 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    thank you so much 😀

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  16. Jones Smith
    Jones Smith 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    i get scaRED TO GO IN AIR CHINA

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  17. MrHnd1988
    MrHnd1988 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    i will never take air china to china. poor service, food and entertainment,
    and it’s aint that cheap either!

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  18. RvXKaz
    RvXKaz 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    @UltraElectrocution haha.. I didnt take a photo with her but I have
    included one of her clearing the meal tray! XD haha…

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  19. EmiratesEK425
    EmiratesEK425 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    nice!!! please stay tuned to my channel for some fly reports. greetings
    from Paris!

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  20. Thomas Pilnik
    Thomas Pilnik 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    Are you chinese? Wich is the best China Airline?

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  21. RvXKaz
    RvXKaz 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    which airline was it on? Glad to hear it was a safe flight regardless

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  22. Su Eigh
    Su Eigh 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    As your first video it is an excellent one. Nice photography, appropriate
    captions, good music. Thanks.

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  23. jackte1
    jackte1 10 March, 2015, 19:38

    your next trip should be here in Kansas City! Love your videos

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