America Explained: Tipping & Why Waiters Hate Foreigners
Traveling in the US is different than many other places around the world when it comes to eating. It may be the food or the atmosphere, but the largest difference is the fact that you have to tip when eat out at a sit-down restaurant (not fast food). Non-Americans tend to tip less than they should and this video is here to help explain the tipping culture in America. At restaurants it is 15% minimum and 20% or more if the service is really good. If you do not tip, do notn expect to get fast friendly service at the bar either.
Filmed in Quincy, Illinois, USA

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  1. mtothem1337
    mtothem1337 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    I think it’s digusting that the resturant don’t pay the workers more money,
    i see tipping as a voluntary choice if you recieve a really good service
    from the server, if not, i’m only paying for the food that i ordered in the
    first place.

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  2. Ciprian Obreja
    Ciprian Obreja 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    Why the fuck would i pay waitresses salary and not restaurant owner ?

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  3. barabus quin
    barabus quin 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    So in New York the restaurant owner demands YOU subsidize their employees
    and make up for the shortfall in wages they should be paying. So the
    customer who keeps the restaurant in business by going there is held
    hostage for an additional charge over and above the cost of the meal and
    drinks and applicable taxes. That’s a good deal for the business owner and
    he/she probably scoops a percentage of the tips as well no doubt. I think
    they lost the plot here. Customers are supposed to be valued sinse without
    them there is no business.

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  4. warriorprince101010
    warriorprince101010 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    Why not pay the staff more, and increase the price of the food.

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  5. Weeble68
    Weeble68 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    As I understand it.. waiters in USA get a lower min wage because it is
    estimated that combined with their tips, they can make at least national
    minimum wage. If their tips + wage fails to equal nat min wage then their
    employer has to increase their pay to ensure they do get nat min wage.
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

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  6. NikC
    NikC 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    Seems funny that Americans would hate foreigners when it’s Americans that
    have the screwed up system. Pay your staff properly instead of bullying
    customers to do it. 

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  7. TiikerinKarva
    TiikerinKarva 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    So if you don’t pay extra, you get shitty service? That pushes customers
    away. Don’t they get fired for behaviour like that? Isn’t being nice part
    of your job description if you’re in customer service? Also, haven’t they
    taken into account that foreigners don’t tip in areas with lots of foreign

    Also, aren’t there any laws that look out for the waitstaff’s interests?
    Why don’t they get minimum wage in the first place?
    Maybe if people stopped tipping, waiters would go work elsewhere until
    employers started paying proper wage. Why would you want to support a
    shitty system like this? Tipping is supposed to be extra for the waiter and
    not their actual pay.

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  8. Mark Boston
    Mark Boston 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    you neglected to inform the Foreigners that the waiters must tip out the
    support like bussers, runners and bartenders .. When you get a 10% gratuity
    … the waiter actually ends up paying for the guests eating out of his own
    pocket !! 

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  9. YouAreSoRight
    YouAreSoRight 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    Funny isn’t it.
    Everyone in the whole world hates American waiters.
    That is a much bigger figure of population, so, the law in the USA ought to
    change to something more civilized.
    How embarrassing that the USA has such a bad system for food servers etc.


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  10. Mustytaint
    Mustytaint 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    I gave you a 20% tip, but you ate 15% of it.

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  11. Griever
    Griever 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    This isn’t an equal exchange between employee and customer, it’s a bullshit
    employer making millions as a chain, deciding they’re going to pit their
    employees against the customers by paying them jack shit because they can.
    So instead of going after corporations and private companies that are doing
    this to the workers, the customers who are already paying this
    restaurant/bar for services are expected to just automatically add 15% onto
    the price of their outing.

    This is why I don’t eat out, and this is why I don’t visit America. Good
    service earns tips, you don’t pay for someone to give you decent service.

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  12. stevothehorny
    stevothehorny 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    it is not a customers responsibility to ensure the waiter/waitress is well
    paid, it is the establishments. The establishment needs to take care of
    their staff just as anything else involved with the business i.e food,
    furniture, cleanliness, etc. Times have changed this age old debate is
    ridiculous and using their poor wages as an excuse to pay them for doing an
    okay job is ridiculous especially job when complications are usually and
    issue with tips i.e who get what and how much. 

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  13. wtfr3nch
    wtfr3nch 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    If you cant afford to tip – stick to drive-through food. No one likes your
    cheap ass.

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  14. blowery261
    blowery261 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    It’s been a while since I was in England, but let’s break this logic down a
    little for all you “Why should I pay an employee’s wage” guys.

    What’s a reasonable price on a meal in a London pub (excluding alcohol)?
    Maybe eight pounds? Ten pounds? A little more perhaps. But even if it’s
    eight, consider the exchange rate. Generally, this hovers around 1.6. Right
    now, it’s 1.61. So an 8 pound meal at a pub translates into 12.86
    dollars. A comparable meal in the US will probably run you the same number
    in dollars, so for an 8 pound plate of fish and chips, or a sandwich, what
    have you, you’d probably spend 8-9 dollars at a casual sit-down
    restaurant. Even if the bill were 10 dollars, a 20% tip would only run you
    2 bucks. You’re still getting out ahead, and you can eat at a lot of
    places for 10 bucks. How many places can you eat out for 8 pounds? Maybe
    I just didn’t know where to go, but I remember a few casual sit-down
    restaurant meals running 18-20 pounds routinely. That’s over 30 dollars to
    me, and I can usually feed two people for that, or myself and a good bit of

    Even if you have issues with the restaurant not paying as much as you would
    expect, don’t be a dick and take it out on the waitstaff. And if it really
    bothers you that much, go to a fast food restaurant where the workers are
    paid a minimum wage and tipping is not part of the culture. Your refusing
    to tip on a restaurant bill isn’t going to change anything except make your
    waiter’s pockets a little lighter.

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  15. Kheissi89
    Kheissi89 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    Thanks Wolter, I really had no idea that waiters, bartenders etc. make so
    little money! 2-3 usd is criminally low (closer to Africa than a 1st world

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  16. Om Khai
    Om Khai 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    No wonder there are too much killings in the U.S. Everybody is stuck in
    low wage and nobody is tipping them right. Now I get it…

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  17. Robert Calhoun
    Robert Calhoun 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    Another thing to remember is the server often has to tip out the bartender,
    bar back, bus boy, and hostess.

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  18. Yaesu Kita
    Yaesu Kita 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    Why don’t restaurants just pay their employees an acceptable salary? The
    U.S. system is a mess where you have to tip people to keep them from
    spitting on you. In Japan you get great service the the notion of tipping
    doesn’t exist. It would almost be an insult (i.e., treating the person like
    a beggar) to try to tip them. They would freak out and be afraid to take
    it. All you food service people just keep yapping about it. Do you know how
    many times I’ve chosen to not eat out just because I’m disgusted with this
    stupid system? A lot!

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  19. Kick Someass
    Kick Someass 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    I’ve a tip for the Americans. Just pay your staff enough wages so they can
    live a decent life and just add their wages to your menu prices. This way
    we all know what the real costs(prices) are for a meal with some service
    and we don’t need to fool each other.
    By the way, now you are going to follow my advise, please also add the
    taxes to your menu prices. This way we get the all-in prices. Just like in
    other countries, the normal way!

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  20. Prasaanth Manohar
    Prasaanth Manohar 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    Is there not a thing called a national minimum wage?

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  21. nicholas smith
    nicholas smith 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    why does the owner not have to pay more?

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  22. Lilli Mäkelä
    Lilli Mäkelä 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    You are saying that, foreigners should not wonder why they are getting
    crappy service, it is because the waiters don’t expect them to leave a tip?
    That logic doesn’t add up. I am from Finland and i always leave a tip in
    the states (min 20 %), but if the service is really bad, i will not leave a
    good tip, or no tip at all (then the service needs to be very bad and i
    will be asking to talk to the manager).. So if you are saying that the
    service is going to bad for foreigners, how can yo expect them to leave a
    good tip or any tip at all? Just no logic there. Cultural difference is
    huge and some people rally do not know that they HAVE TO tip. While you
    have your other forms and idiotic questions asked before arriving to the
    country, you should have this read on the papers as well and make people
    aware of this! You have to do something about your crappy system with
    paying your employees. If you have no customers in the restaurant, you will
    not be getting paid since there will be no tips. That just makes no sense.
    Here, the employer will suffer, when having no customers. You will always
    get paid (min hourly paid is 15-16 $). Sundays are paid double + holidays
    etc. So a waitress working a 36-40h week, will be making around 2800-3000 $
    per month before taxes + tips (which here is not that much, but it is still
    some extra cash). This was counted with the absolute minimum wage and
    including 4 sundays (they are double paid). SO, make your employers and the
    government pay you what you deserve. IT should not be your responsibility
    to suffer, if the restaurant isn’t doing good, and it should not be on the
    customers responsibility to pay your salary, after all, the customer is not
    who hired you. But don’t worry, i will tip in the states every time i

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  23. ThisIsTurok1
    ThisIsTurok1 6 March, 2015, 06:14


    You forgot to take your medication again. I told your husband to remind
    you. Did he not deliver the message?

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  24. KodyWB
    KodyWB 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    The tipping system makes sense and it keeps a limit on the amount of people
    who want the job. If the wage for a waiter was minimum wage, I’d probably
    survive off being a waiter for the next couple of years just because it’s
    so easy and can be real enjoyable at times when you have awesome people
    you’re serving.So it essentially highly encourages a waiter to be friendly
    and provide a good customer experience. Overall, the tipping system makes
    sense and it very fair.

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  25. Abdul Qayyum
    Abdul Qayyum 6 March, 2015, 06:14

    Don’t get me wrong…. tipping is a nice gesture. However, the EXPECTATION
    of being tipped is what gets me.
    As you rightly say, they make a negligible amount from their official pay..
    and this is why I think is the problem. Why don’t restaurants incorporate
    the 15-20% of tip into their prices, so you get a bill with the tip already
    charged (but is hidden within the price of the meal for example). This will
    save everyone the hassle and the awkwardness.
    Also, aren’t the waiters ’employees?’ surely the onus is on their employers
    to pay their wages and not the customers. As a sidenote, doesn’t this mean
    that the bulk of waiters’ wages (earned through tipping) isn’t accounted
    for tax purposes?


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