American Living in China – After One Year 美国人住在中国一年

American Living in China – After One Year 美国人住在中国一年

Watch the first video, American Living in China – First Impressions: I'm an American living in China. I film videos about Chinese food, traveling…

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  1. Kevin Cook
    Kevin Cook 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    One year ago I moved to China. Now I want to take the time to share some of
    the feelings I have about China with a year under my belt, as well as some
    of the differences I notice now that I’m a little more experienced as a

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  2. Qing Wei
    Qing Wei 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    nice video~ I can image how difficult it is for a foreigner to live in a
    country with language barriers and cultural differences. Anyway, thanks for
    sharing your insights~

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  3. Andrew ww
    Andrew ww 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    Hey Kevin you are a really nice guy, glad that you like China :D

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  4. Liu Ben
    Liu Ben 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    I’ve probably been here 3 1/2 years. First at university then working. I’d
    say at some point (between 3 and 6 months depending on your character) you
    hit a moment in your time here where those things that used to drive you
    insane, suddenly seem unimportant. So you nearly got run over by a bus?
    Nevermind, at least it didn’t hit you. Oh, the neighbours are letting off
    firecrackers at 4am? Oh well, its only for a few days. I would say the best
    asset a foreigner can bring to China is the ability to adapt to a new
    environment and culture. The Chinese have been doing things their way for
    many years and one foreigner in their midst is not going to change that. So
    just go with it and make some great friends along the way

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  5. Gin Jio
    Gin Jio 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    Hi Kevin, you are correct on a lot of things you mentioned. I’m from
    Singapore marrying a Chinese wife. I travel frequently to China. What is
    the most important things “traveller” need to have, is to be open minded,
    respect and be able to try new thing. Big country like America and China
    have thousand years of history & culture. Whatever food or things that we
    came across, try it, if can’t accept it, politely decline it. The world is
    so big, one human life time might no be able to see everything… So enjoy
    your stay in China & one day I’m going to have a taste of America as well

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  6. Austin Guidry
    Austin Guidry 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    Fantastic video, man! Someone recently suggested in my video comments that
    I check you out, and I’m glad I did! You put a lot of work into this video,
    and it shows! :)

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  7. TheLoneDraftsman
    TheLoneDraftsman 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    Really cool video. Well shot and the commentary was pretty insightful for
    just a few minutes time. I’m learning Chinese and have been there a few
    times with my wife. It’s a really nice place. I’d like to go there again
    once my Chinese is better so I can interact with people more. Watching this
    makes me more motivated. Thanks.

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  8. Peter Gregory
    Peter Gregory 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    Great video, makes me want to go to China again. Miss the trips I made in
    2013 for business – loved so many parts of my experiences there.

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  9. baselogic9
    baselogic9 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    I spent 10 years in China and it was the most great 10 years of my life,
    Chinese people are so warm, so friendly, so easy to get along with them,
    they are always willing to make friends, there…i felt at home…and since
    i am away from China i miss it too much…just want to come back there
    again ASAP….

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  10. Ruby Al
    Ruby Al 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    Where in China do you live? I’m american but I’m moving to China in two
    months, I can’t decide between Beijing and Hong Kong. Can you tell me where
    they speak English the most?

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  11. Olym Lee
    Olym Lee 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    After one year of living in Australia, I miss China so much.
    Love your videos

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  12. Zee Li
    Zee Li 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    Hi Kevin. I like your video and your attitude.I can understand your
    feelings when you are living abroad .Because I am living overseas as
    well.You have done great job.Good on you.Thanks.

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  13. robert williams
    robert williams 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    So just drinking their tap water will make you sick… Well I will never go
    there. Since that’s what I drink on a daily basis.

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  14. Ghostring
    Ghostring 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    do you have any american friend living in china like you?

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  15. jiaqi li
    jiaqi li 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    How you uploading these videos?

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  16. Wentao Feng
    Wentao Feng 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    I am a guy who lived in America for…..hum…..three and a half years. And
    the last time I came back to China, I got nose problem and went to hospital
    several times. Maybe because somehow the air in America spoiled my nose???
    I live in Buffalo by the way.

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  17. Ray M
    Ray M 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    Nice video,and I can’t agree you more about those people living in China
    while they don’t like it and complain about it all the time,and
    exactly,what are they doing here?Move to another country and start a new
    life!Why would someone is willing to stay in a place makes him
    suffer?Really good point man,for those kind of people,there are two
    suggestions,first I think they are living in some super big city like
    Beijing,Shanghai or Hong Kong,these kind of place are full of people and
    full of pressure,the competition there is extremely high level,if you can’t
    hold it,move to other smaller cities like
    Chengdu,Guangzhou,Nanjing,Shenzhen,you’ll earn less money than in those big
    city,but you will spend less too,and life in these cities are much more
    relaxed and enjoyable,and people here are more easy to work and live with
    than in those super big city.Second choice is go back or move to another
    country,you don’t like it at all,then why on earth you stay here for?

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  18. An QiMing
    An QiMing 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    Good video man. I would say that compared to being in Japan or Korea, China
    is the best place to be a vegetarian. But year Chinese people are cool,
    it’s a great place to live and yeah I think it’s worth at least 2 years of
    living here if not more 

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  19. ishak pratama
    ishak pratama 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    im a chinese indonesian, learning things about china mainland from an
    awesome white dude haha
    kinda ironic,..

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  20. Zhaoxu Chen
    Zhaoxu Chen 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    The best thing in China is you can enjoy the night view. It is much safer
    than American. Don’t go home until 12 AM. Ok!!

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  21. Jinglei Cai
    Jinglei Cai 12 April, 2015, 11:39


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  22. Moroccan Zhang
    Moroccan Zhang 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    So do you wanna live in shanghai for a long term?

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  23. LifeWithDiana
    LifeWithDiana 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    Loving all the videos! I want to teach overseas after I finish school!
    Great insight and perspective, keep sharing:)

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  24. merfrein
    merfrein 12 April, 2015, 11:39

    Hey man great video. I’m moving to Qingdao in August to teach at an
    international school and absolutely cannot wait! I’ve been stressing a
    little about the food side of things being a vegetarian…i guess I’ll be
    making my own food : ) keep up the good work bro

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  25. mengmeng4011259
    mengmeng4011259 12 April, 2015, 11:39


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