Bucharest In Your Pocket – Bucharest, Romania Highlights

Follow Bucharest In Your Pocket editor Craig Turp on a grand tour of the main sites of Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

From Piaţa Universităţii past St. Nicolas Students’ Church (Sfântul Nicolae Biserica Studenţilor) and the National Bank (Banca Natională a României) into Lipscani, Bucharests Old Town to Hanul lui Manuc and the Old Court Church (Biserica Curtea Veche). From Piaţa Unirii to the Parliament Palace (Palatul Parlamentului; Casa Poporului) the second largest building in the world. Past the History Museum (Muzeul National de Istorie) and the CEC (Palatul Casei de Economii si Consemnaţiuni) building into Stavropoleos Church (Biserica Stavropoleos) and St. Dumitru Church (Biserica Sf. Dumitru) to Piaţa Revoluţiei where most of the action took place during Romanias revolution of 1989. Past Creţulescu Church (Biserica Creţulescu) and the National Art Museum (MNAR; Muzeul National de Arta) to the Atheneum (Ateneul Român) and further afield past the Arcul de Triumf to the Village Museum.

For more on Bucharest its restaurants, sites etc. check out Bucharest In Your Pocket city guide http://bucharest.inyourpocket.com.

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  1. jardon Jones
    jardon Jones 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    is this in winter time, it looks very very depressing at least at this time…
    open sewers and streets,stray dogs…

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  2. sergiu vasea
    sergiu vasea 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    we call them gipsy dogs

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  3. elimar008
    elimar008 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    this video needs to be Edited before publishing, Begin Japanology style, great info tho

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  4. Beautiful Romania
    Beautiful Romania 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    I love Romania. It is my favorite country so far. Thanks for the videos.

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  5. Elite Kitty
    Elite Kitty 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    why is this guy showing so many churches dafuck? so many other good things to show but he goes to every single damn church lol

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  6. NIna Seat
    NIna Seat 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    This reporter put his lens on the negative and minimizes the beautiful and the historical things found in the country, he diminishes and says mean things. This has a derogatory feel, especially the stray dogs which is a great insult to the Romanian people after the stupid movie made by that stupid hateful Hungarian director and shown thought the world.

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  7. NIna Seat
    NIna Seat 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    His English accent sucks as well, he is probably of a lower class in his own country.

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  8. NIna Seat
    NIna Seat 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    This reporter is an illiterate snob who doesn't speak Romanian correctly. He has such a stupid pronunciation, illiterate moron.

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  9. NIna Seat
    NIna Seat 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    Very mean statements for a historical city. Shame on those who try to hurt it, and by the way we don't care about hate and snobbery. If you don't like it GO TO YOUR HOME and leave Romania alone.

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  10. Hnau Falkau
    Hnau Falkau 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    pretty much a dump

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  11. Hungaria56
    Hungaria56 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    Very ugly city.  People should head for Budapest!

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  12. Kil Han Yun
    Kil Han Yun 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    Bucharest, where my soul was buried

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  13. Andrei Popa
    Andrei Popa 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    Bucharest changed a lot in 5 years. It looks great now.

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  14. Alexa C.
    Alexa C. 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    A nuke would be perfect in this oriental slum !

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  15. John Paul Brandt
    John Paul Brandt 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    Darn, Hotel Anul lui Manuc was my favorite place to stay

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  16. carcotasu081
    carcotasu081 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    Holy goddamn Bucharest today looks so different from what I see here.

    In 5 years it changed that much? Dayum

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  17. Clay Gilliland
    Clay Gilliland 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    The changes in Bucharest the last couple years are remarkable. Today most of the streets this tour visits have changed almost beyond recognition.

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  18. Danna GM
    Danna GM 19 June, 2016, 02:02
  19. Eugene N
    Eugene N 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    great video. Well done

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  20. taco fan
    taco fan 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    Prin bucaresturile europei

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  21. Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 19 June, 2016, 02:02


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  22. Handrea Alexandru
    Handrea Alexandru 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    It is unbelliavable to see how much Lipscani has changed,in a good way,during the last 4 years

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  23. Daciana La Beau
    Daciana La Beau 19 June, 2016, 02:02


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  24. james hurley
    james hurley 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    Hey everyone!  After being kidnapped in Romania i am doing a documentary about it!  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1098327334/rediscovering-fatih-in-humanity-goodwill-fights-ba

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  25. ปวรุตม์ พงศ์พฤฒานนท์
    ปวรุตม์ พงศ์พฤฒานนท์ 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    Bucharest has a gigantic parliament building and contains rich architecture.

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  26. Mini3005
    Mini3005 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    I miss so much my home, Romania…

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  27. Home Defense Weapons
    Home Defense Weapons 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    I visited several of the locations that you described in 2006 and 2007. Your video brings back fond memories

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  28. BlueSwampyCraft
    BlueSwampyCraft 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    tsar NICHOLAS II maybe… alexander II was long dead by 1908

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  29. TheNigel01
    TheNigel01 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    We actually call it "the potato"

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  30. Hillfingerr
    Hillfingerr 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    something some might find a useful resource: search google for hillfingerr/let-you-know-the-best-5-erotic-massage-salons-in-bucharest-romania

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  31. BMIHAI
    BMIHAI 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    Thank you for this ,you should make a new video.Bucharest developed so much since then. The city is much more cleaner now , we made the Basarab Bridge , the Sky Tower , remade the Old City , we have a series of modern buldings in "Piata Victoriei" , AFI Palace Mall in Cotroceni and we have a Delta in the center of Bucharest wich is called "Vacaresti Delta" . This makes Bucharest look kind of sad , maybe because its filmed in autumn.

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  32. Nico Ene
    Nico Ene 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    poate ar trebui sa te muti in Africa si sa stai acolo cateva luni sa vezi ce inseamna tara din lumea a3-a.

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  33. Giovanni Czermanek
    Giovanni Czermanek 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    In 1989, Romania was the second poorest country in Europe, after Albania….

    Nowadays, they hold a better place in this ranking….

    ……since as a result of the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia some new countries appeared on the map which are poorer than them ..

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  34. sirbugeorge
    sirbugeorge 19 June, 2016, 02:02

    mai figurantule…vb romaneste ….probabil ca esti la caciulata din deal si nu te afecteaza o imagine negativa falsa.se baga multi bani sa se creeze o imagine pozitiva si vii tu cu engleza ta de balta sa vb bazaconii.mi e sila de looseri din astia car tine care vor sa para ei mai umblati prin lume si vezi doamne,bucurestiu le cade greu la stomac.cei mai mari dusmani ai romanilor par a fi insasi…romanii….nu am vazut natie mai dezbinata si care sa-si puna rahat in cap ca romanii

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