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Dallas City Tour is a sightseeing passenger bus tour located in downtown Dallas, Texas our 1 hr 30 min combined tours will show all the historical attractions locally with a modern twist. We offer 2 tours at one price $25.00 , a 45 minute Dallas sightseeing tour that highlights Dallas Texas best features then our tour transforms into a 45 min JFK assassination tour that will show you what really happened to JFK that fatal day. Each of our tours has a Narrator / Actor at all times we also include a 40 inch LCD TV that shows video footage from November 22, 1963.

Dallas City Tour is also known for its 45 Minute all electric Cruizer tour only $15 per person , think about a souped up golf cart on Red Bull this cruizer tour will take you around the city showing you all the modern and historical sites in downtown Dallas.

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