English Siblings Holiday In Korea 【外人が韓国で旅行】

English Siblings Holiday In Korea 【外人が韓国で旅行】

Our trip to Korea 2014! 2014年の韓国旅行! Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhiteEnglishGrl Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WhiteEnglishGirl.

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  1. Boyinaband
    Boyinaband 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    Such a fun start to the trip, sis! Can’t wait to see the next ones!

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  2. WhiteEnglishGirl
    WhiteEnglishGirl 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    A lot of people seemed worried when I said we were getting a Korean ferry
    to Japan so I took some footage of the ferry and shizz. If anyone’s
    interested in a video on that let me know!

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  3. xiaorishu
    xiaorishu 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    A vibrator on each table? I’m so there! XD

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  4. amipop1108
    amipop1108 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    I see that G-D was following you everywhere ;D

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  5. Sakura Honda
    Sakura Honda 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    Wow. G-Dragon is all over Korea. I used to be so obsessed with Big Bang.

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  6. welwisher
    welwisher 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    “Rob’s bird.”
    I love you. XD
    I know Rob is probably short for Robert, but imagine if you stuck an ‘in’
    onto the end of ‘Rob’. Then you have ‘his bird’.
    Man, I love you. XD

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  7. André Reichelt
    André Reichelt 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    Wow, I totally missed your last two videos. How great that I found them
    eventually. Nice stuff. I’m looking forward to watch the ferry video in a
    minute. Thumbs up!

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  8. hifumi sato
    hifumi sato 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    hey!I have kept waiting for you.

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  9. JentySteP
    JentySteP 13 April, 2015, 15:47


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  10. welwisher
    welwisher 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    “That is a funky-looking buildin.”
    XD Omg, you crack me up, because you say what I’m thinking but in a MUCH
    better voice. XDDD <3

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  11. Paul Schultes
    Paul Schultes 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    We have those exercise machines in Canada too.

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  12. TheBobbiK
    TheBobbiK 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    Haaha! This was great! Dave was the best. statue. ever. Also it’s too bad
    those GD encounters weren’t real!!!! Your Korean is taking off. It won’t be
    long now. You’ll run into him one day and be able to speak to him in 3
    different languages. That takes care of pretty much any language barriers.

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  13. Jerry Beatfreak
    Jerry Beatfreak 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    Im terribly sorry about this, but the link to the video literally says
    “Cuum”….Thanks youtube…
    Would not have been able to live with myself without pointing that out.
    I also want to point out that I enjoyed this video quite a bit.

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  14. josh room
    josh room 13 April, 2015, 15:47


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  15. waramasa
    waramasa 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    you two, so talented.

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  16. 吉野彼方
    吉野彼方 13 April, 2015, 15:47


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  17. rinnychan8
    rinnychan8 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    Any EXOstans that freaked out at the Baekhyun birthday ad?

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  18. Stuart Poole
    Stuart Poole 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    We have those exercise machine things in England as well! We have some in
    our town. No one uses the here either.

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  19. jt pon
    jt pon 13 April, 2015, 15:47


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  20. sukepiyo122
    sukepiyo122 13 April, 2015, 15:47


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  21. Janjan Jimenez
    Janjan Jimenez 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    Thanks for that Kwom Jiyong overdose. That Daesung reference got me too

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  22. AYB7210
    AYB7210 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    How old are you?

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  23. David Pasternak
    David Pasternak 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    Btw that thing at 5:17 is a Metal God from a game called Brave Frontier :)

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  24. 本多まぐろ
    本多まぐろ 13 April, 2015, 15:47


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  25. dp t
    dp t 13 April, 2015, 15:47

    Excellent video! I was in Korea myself for a week a while ago (I also went
    to Hong Kong and Macau). Asia doesn’t really have much dubstep, but I was
    surprised to hear some in a market in Korea at one point.

    Also impressive language skills. I can understand the phonetic and written
    differences between Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai – perhaps from
    having watched many horror movies from all. However, I only know limited

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