European Travel Skills Part I

In this first of three shows covering travel skills, we’ll visit the Netherlands and Germany to learn about transportation by train and car within Europe, changing money, and settling in upon arrival. How well you’re able to enjoy the delights of Europe depends upon how well you plan and how skillfully you travel.

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  1. Jacque Bureaux
    Jacque Bureaux 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    haha this is great

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  2. Young-yil Chern
    Young-yil Chern 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Thanks a lot Rick Steve for nice tips with nice video

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  3. Falilou Diakhate
    Falilou Diakhate 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    due to the crisis . italy right now is not a beautifull to visit. because it is not safest for turistis!!

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  4. Nur Arifah bt. Abdullah
    Nur Arifah bt. Abdullah 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    nice to think about travel? BUT THE PROBLEM IS MONEY????????????

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  5. RichGhost007
    RichGhost007 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Did i just see two guys and one bull get trampled…?

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  6. suraj s
    suraj s 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Is public smoking allowed in europe

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  7. World Travel Videos.
    World Travel Videos. 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    I like this video

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  8. Jacob Hockstedler
    Jacob Hockstedler 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Rick, you dog

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  9. Alyssa Alvarez
    Alyssa Alvarez 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    someone I know of went to Europe and came
    back a whole diff person. watch out

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  10. Roycesuico Thepro100
    Roycesuico Thepro100 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    muslims are not allowed here
    if they do.. "SPEECHLESSS"

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  11. teltri
    teltri 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    SKODA car made ich Czech Republic! 🙂 At least something from central Europe.

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  12. J. Oliveira
    J. Oliveira 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Amazing and stunning videos !! I love them all. Keep doing your excellent work. José, from Brazil.

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  13. Justin Cheung
    Justin Cheung 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Hi Rick, I enjoy watching your European Travel Skills videos. Thanks for your effort!

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  14. misu razvan
    misu razvan 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Interesting places to visit are : Sinaia, Brasov, Prahova, Sibiu, Cluj, Oradea, Maramures, Suceava, Iasi, Danube Delta, Orsova.

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  15. GETTING CLOSE TO | travel blog
    GETTING CLOSE TO | travel blog 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    This is a great video. Love the scoring and everything in it. 🙂 Still effective even if this is 2 years ago.

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  16. 沈卜德蛋木羽
    沈卜德蛋木羽 19 April, 2016, 14:55
  17. Shailender Negi
    Shailender Negi 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Thanks a lot Rick Steve.

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  18. Mohammad  Amozesh
    Mohammad Amozesh 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    فضایل علی

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  19. xCoreProductions
    xCoreProductions 19 April, 2016, 14:55


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  20. Liang Emily
    Liang Emily 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    I love this video!

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  21. KayCee L.
    KayCee L. 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Nice. :)

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  22. Danielle Framboos
    Danielle Framboos 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Hi Rick, I think you explain things very well, I'm happy that you know what you are talking about :)

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  23. ImTheFlyWhiteGuy
    ImTheFlyWhiteGuy 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Public transportation is hugely expensive in the Scandinavian countries…
    Ridiculous prices on trains, taxi's and buses.

    A short two hour train-ride in Norway is going to cost you  $ 50 – $ 60.
    A taxi ride within the same distance will be about $ 500 ! ! ! !

    Few tourist are aware of this : D

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  24. tomasz.neiner
    tomasz.neiner 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    Paris, Rome, London…. are places, where everybody is going… its not the real Europe… Of course its nice to see them, but there are much more interesting places of historical importance, which are as same beautyl however not so crowded and much cheaper. I am from Europe, spending all my free time on traveling around and I need to say, that I like the not so famous countries much more. I'm originally from Poland, which is a touristic wonderland with the Baltic see, all the mountains and everything in between, like Mazury with its 2000 lakes. I fell in love with Slovenia and Estonia, which are my favorite European countries to visit. I can also highly recommend the Czech republic (its not only Praha), Hungary (not only Budapest) and all the Baltic states.

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  25. Matthew Kim
    Matthew Kim 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    네덜란드 좋아요!!

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  26. Tristan van Oosten
    Tristan van Oosten 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    A quick update for those travelling to the Netherlands: if you intent on using public transportation do understand train, tram, bus and metro tickets have been phased out.  In order to understand how you can travel around now:
     Quick "Anonymous" OV-cards can also be purchased at bigger railway stations.

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  27. Stylensky
    Stylensky 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    I went to Germany and Holland for two weeks. I HIGHLY suggest renting a car. The freedom of making and changing your own schedule is worth every penny. People there warned me not to drive into Amsterdam but I did anyway with no problems at all. I found a nice parking garage and walked a short distance to all of the interesting areas. Munich was the same way. Study a bit on the street signs and you'll be fine. I suggest using SIXT rental cars. They're friendly and have a large selection of almost any type of car you'd want. The diesel Mercedes was at home on the Autobahn and flowed with traffic. Of course it was no match for the GT3 or the A8 that passed by me like I was sitting still 🙂 
     Rick Steves is my hero both in the States and in Europe. Keep up the good fight Rick!

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  28. YYZ Deicer (airplanewrencher)
    YYZ Deicer (airplanewrencher) 19 April, 2016, 14:55

    +Rick Steves Europe Very informative and good sense of humour. Thanks Rick Steve.

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