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The Hong Kong Tourist Association has announced a welcome boost in the industry. Almost 860,000 people came to see Hong Kong’s magnificent
skyline in August, nearly five percent more than the same month
last year. The city is amongst the most cosmopolitan in Asia, boasting cultural events, museums and performances not easily available at nearby destinations. The Tsing Ma Bridge itself has become a tourist attraction, especially amongst mainland Chinese visitors.


HONG KONG, 14-15/10
Hong Kong’s skyline
Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Hong Kong Science Museum and Art Museum
Peninsula Hotel
Shopping Mall
PAN across Tsing Ma Bridge
Tourist looking at bridge
Various shots of man having picture taken at bridge
SOUNDBITE (in English) Peter Randall, Hong Kong Tourist Association
Tourists given commentary on bus
Close up shot of mainland tourist
Bus driver taking tourist bus through Hong Kong
View from bus as it passes buildings
People out of bus outside Convention Centre
Tourist posing for picture
Wide shot of man posing for photograph outside Convention Centre
Man taking his picture
Mainlanders in jewellery shop
Shoppers pointing at a necklace
Shoppers haggling with salesman
Close up shot of jewellery as customers point at it
SOUNDBITE (in Mandarin): vox-pop mainland tourist
View as bus passes Chinese Army barracks
Chinese flags over Hong Kong Legislature
SOUNDBITE vox-pop mainland tourist
Mainlanders posing in front of Tsing Ma Bridge
Man taking photograph
Shot taken from behind posing tourists
SOUNDBITE (in Cantonese): Wang Siu Wai, travel agent
Man taking photograph of harbour
Picture of harbour


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