John C at Pioneer Plaza in downtown Dallas , another great tour guide

Want to tour around the city of Dallas and see the sights that this great city has to offer? Maybe you would like to dissect the assassination of president John F Kennedy , well look no further our tour company takes you around the great city and chronicles a minute by minute journey of JFK ‘s last minute on earth. Dallas City Tour makes frequent stops in the great city and is the only tour company in America that goes inside Lee Harvey Oswald’s home and the Texas Theater where he was later captured.
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214-777-3095 Tickets are $25 and $15 Dallas City Tour is a sightseeing passenger bus tour located in downtown Dallas, Texas our 1 hr 30 min combined tours will show all the historical attractions locally with a modern twist. We offer 2 tours at one price $25.00 , a 45 minute Dallas sightseeing tour that highlights Dallas Texas best features then our tour transforms into a 45 min JFK assassination tour that will show you what really happened to JFK that fatal day. Each of our tours has a Narrator / Actor at all times we also include a 40 inch LCD TV that shows video footage from November 22, 1963.

Dallas City Tour is also known for its 45 Minute all electric Cruizer tour only $15 per person , think about a souped up golf cart on Red Bull this cruizer tour will take you around the city showing you all the modern and historical sites in downtown Dallas.
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