Medellin Colombia come for Adventure, Food & Girls in 3 minutes, you may never leave
Welcome to Medellin this video is a set of short clips of what is Medellin. Come for a visit enjoy the food, the adventures and Colombian pretty girls that await your arrival.

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Viva Colombia !! Your adventure starts upon your arrival, “warning” you may never leave. See our Books on Expat Retire or Move to Colombia, Colombian Foods and day tours books on Amazon dot com & Apple iBooks.

Colombia Street Food Guide
Colombia Expat Guide

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  1. lexxypexxy
    lexxypexxy 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    are they all Native (Aborginal) mixed?

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  2. nicholas rizzo
    nicholas rizzo 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    prima o poi verrò in colombia..;) qualkuno sa darmi qualche informazioni della colombia?

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  3. TerrorPlayero
    TerrorPlayero 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    I hate that title mr @travel adventure photographer

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  4. miamiorlando1
    miamiorlando1 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    Hello.  I would like to meet a few nice Medellin women – in Colombia.  Any suggestions or assistance?

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  5. Charles Romel
    Charles Romel 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    Paisas r really pretty. The food over there just sucks.

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  6. No Name Apologi
    No Name Apologi 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    colombia Brazil Puerto rico and Venezuela and almost all Caribbeanz nationz have a culture that promotez promiscuity, nowonder south America is the way it is …what a shame. letz us promote modesty conservative valuez.

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  7. Mike Chef
    Mike Chef 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    the food in medellin is shit the women are as beautiful as you will get anywhere

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  8. Wilson Funegra
    Wilson Funegra 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    que paisitas muuuuuuuu

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  9. JOSE S
    JOSE S 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    EXCELLENT JOB! First Class! Thanks for posting!

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  10. Sediq Mohmand
    Sediq Mohmand 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    Thank you so much for your hard work preparing these videos , I watched one of your videos in your balcony last night and it was a great one . I will be on a long 6 months vacation starting January 1st and will visit 6 countries :   Ecuador , Peru , Brazil , Bolivia , Colombia and Chile . I would love a have a coffee with you in the beautiful city of Medellin , My name is SEDIQ and I am living in Toronto Canada . I appreciate your taking time and helping others , God bless you [email protected]. Thanks .

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  11. yourtub
    yourtub 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    this country is paradise. beautiful food, beautiful women and beautiful nature.

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  12. Juan carlos
    Juan carlos 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    medellin the best

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  13. Carlos Rincon
    Carlos Rincon 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    people i swear

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  14. B Tte
    B Tte 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    I love GOPRO music starting at 2:00

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  15. Carlos Rincon
    Carlos Rincon 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    bogota sucks major balls

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  16. Huevonious Maximus
    Huevonious Maximus 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    The video quality is very good, but there's no explanation there's no information about the places to go.  Nothing.

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  17. Leo Castro
    Leo Castro 23 June, 2016, 03:09


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  18. rtrain67
    rtrain67 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    That video made me so very hungry.   I need to find a great Colombian restaurant right away!

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  19. Michael Cockrum
    Michael Cockrum 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    There is a very beautiful lady from Medellin that I am going to marry, a very sweet and lovely lady, and WOW hot too !

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  20. The Melancholic Tigah
    The Melancholic Tigah 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    Man I wanna go there! And become an expat! If you did it sir, then I can do it too.!

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  21. Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz 23 June, 2016, 03:09

    2:23 look at the flicka da wrist!

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