Meet Ljubljana

This video gives you a local’s perspective of the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. These are real locals with real candid answers. I asked each local the same 7 questions. Instead of me giving my impression of Ljubljana after only one week of being there, I wanted the locals to tell the story.

1) What is a typical Slovenian Hello or Greeting?
2) How would you describe Ljubljana to a foreigner?
3) How would you describe the people from Ljubljana?
4) How would you describe Slovenian Food?
5) How would you describe Slovenian Wine?
6) Why should a tourist come to Ljubljana?
7) What is a typical Slovenian Goodbye?

For more information on Ljubljana please checkout the Visit Ljubljana website

Directed & Produced by Brian Cox.


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  1. AN Feuerstahl
    AN Feuerstahl 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    I miss Ljubljana so much ! I visited it twice (2006 and 2011) and if I'm lucky I'll go there again in 2017. Everything in this vídeo is true. There are beautiful places all around and the people are extremely friendly.

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  2. Victoria King
    Victoria King 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    Thanks +91 7045318512

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  3. Kyle W
    Kyle W 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    Doing everything in my English power to remember how to pronounce that name.

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  4. Ozo Ozek
    Ozo Ozek 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    daj metka zalet se v steno pa najdi si že enga južnjaka ker itak slovenci niso zate

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  5. Chiara Farina
    Chiara Farina 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    Visiting this city in July — I may burst from excitement. I know I will fall in love

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  6. Quapadople
    Quapadople 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    I will visit this amazing city:)

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    JOSEPH NZOWA 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    ljublim ljubjana

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  8. Samedy Hun
    Samedy Hun 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    0:06 that girl looks damn hot. :)

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  9. WegZurHölle
    WegZurHölle 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    it is a tourism commercial… commercial meaning at least 50% is not so appealing like they show!

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  10. Aleksandar Savic
    Aleksandar Savic 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    It is very romantic and very cute city. So much, that I would compare it to Brugge. And it is vivid, full of life and joy. People in Slovenia like to spend times with friends, thus cafes are numerous, people smile, beautiful girls and very nice boys as well everywhere (I'm not gay, but sporty, healthy nice looking girls and guys). And the Slovenians are people with great manners. Very polite, good educated, inventive (trust me, they are making staffs so weird that Back to the Future seems ordinary) and crazy for sports. When you are in Ljubljana, you can sit in your car, and in 1h go to breathtaking Bled Lake, or Vintgar gorge. Next day, Logarska Dolina (1,5h). It is like a postcard from the Alps. Third day, I don't know, Socha River (2h). Fourth, Postojna Cave – magnificent, and so big they have a little train in it (1h). Fifth day you can even go to seaside, Piran, Portoroz. You can spend whole week seeing new wonders every single day. And… You will see just a small small part of this wonderland.

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  11. CNVideos
    CNVideos 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    What a lovely (ljublji?) city!

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  12. purelada
    purelada 9 May, 2016, 14:27


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  13. Kris Justin
    Kris Justin 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    I went to Ljubljana this summer and I agree that it is attractive with good food, wine and really nice people in restaurants, shops and train/bus stations who are happy to help us without becoming upset for no reason. A refreshing change from the rudeness you can get in other countries! Indeed a very civilized city.

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  14. Gkswiss Swiss
    Gkswiss Swiss 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    Just got back from Ljubljana, such a luvly place deffinetley want more :))

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  15. JB 6000
    JB 6000 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    Slovenia is one of the poorer countries in Europe – it may not be more so than Romania/Bulgaria although it is better than Ukraine, most of the former soviet states Moldova/Georgia/Armenia or Russia or any of those places

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  16. Elvis Salijaj
    Elvis Salijaj 9 May, 2016, 14:27


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  17. Elvis Salijaj
    Elvis Salijaj 9 May, 2016, 14:27


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  18. Lucas Marcal
    Lucas Marcal 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    I will definitely visit this city…. it seems to be very nice.

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  19. Anna
    Anna 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    Looks like czech republic but czech is much more prettier 

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  20. Haso Salijaj
    Haso Salijaj 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    im in slovenija im slovenijan

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  21. Joshua Aden
    Joshua Aden 9 May, 2016, 14:27


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  22. navila taylor
    navila taylor 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    i have to go there. does everyone speak english?

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  23. Jaime Rena
    Jaime Rena 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    what a neat place! do you have anymore videos on Ljubljana?

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  24. juleya Lana
    juleya Lana 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    i go there this summer. where did you take the aerial shots from? it is a spectacular view!!!

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  25. ema anderson
    ema anderson 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    looks really nice. what is the nightlife seen like?

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  26. sofeya lorenge
    sofeya lorenge 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    hi, first off, great video. I am backpacking around europe and was hoping to go to slovenia next month. what is there to do in the winter?

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  27. Sandy Rosie
    Sandy Rosie 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    wow! i've never heard about this place….how do you pronounce it?

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  28. mark colence
    mark colence 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    i'm coming for the first time in july, do you have any advice ?

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  29. paris helton
    paris helton 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    don't tell everyone about Ljubljana! It is one of my best secret vacation spots. It is so beautiful and the people are very friendly. Let's keep it a secret.

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  30. Rowshon Rimmy
    Rowshon Rimmy 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    I'm packing my bags now! will be there soon…so excited

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  31. Asif Aman
    Asif Aman 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    Thanks for the great video! It is helping me plan my next trip.

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  32. Jeanne Vicki
    Jeanne Vicki 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    I have never heard of Slovenian wine. Is it good? What would you compare it to?

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  33. Alma Sue
    Alma Sue 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    Just added Ljubljana to my bucket list!

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  34. Susanna Reva
    Susanna Reva 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    really fun video. It reminds me of my trip, I am ready to go back.

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  35. rifat islam
    rifat islam 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    What is better…the beer or the wine?

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  36. nazmul hasan
    nazmul hasan 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    Ljubljana looks beautiful. Is it expensive?

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  37. Juliana Aline
    Juliana Aline 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    How have I never heard of this place? Hopefully I can go after my trip to Croatia this summer.

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  38. Julianne Tanisha
    Julianne Tanisha 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    Ljubljana looks beautiful…I can't wait to go :)

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  39. harun roshid
    harun roshid 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    the people seem very nice!

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  40. salma silpi
    salma silpi 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    Great video! I have wanted to go to Slovenia for a long time. When is the best time to go?

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  41. Tim Young
    Tim Young 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    I'm going to Slovenia in mid January and can't wait to get there! Ive read and watched a lot of stuff on Ljubljana and it looks beautiful.

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  42. Ricardo Paris
    Ricardo Paris 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    End of the month I am travelling Ljubjlana.
    I am very looking forward for it.
    I am also doing some vinyl digging in there..(of course)

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  43. TravelwithKate
    TravelwithKate 9 May, 2016, 14:27

    I officially want to move there now!!

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