Ship Tour of the Holland America Veendam

Experience our awesome ship tour of the Holland America Veendam in New York City. The Veendam is fresh off an incredible $40 million refurbishment.

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  1. Simon Garfunkel
    Simon Garfunkel 21 February, 2015, 22:15

    Just returned from the Veendam. The ship was in great shape & very
    comfortable. The food, service and entertainment were top notch. I would
    not hesitate to recommend this ship to anyone looking for a more
    traditional cruise.

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  2. Null
    Null 21 February, 2015, 22:15

    I went on the Norwegian Star. And saw this leave and come to bermuda at the
    same time we did on July 8th.

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  3. nglettiere
    nglettiere 21 February, 2015, 22:15

    So im goign to bermuda tommrow, and this better be better than carnival
    cruises, cuz they sucked ass.

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  4. oerdf oerdf
    oerdf oerdf 21 February, 2015, 22:15

    I’m going on my 15 cruise agust12

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  5. patteel
    patteel 21 February, 2015, 22:15

    I sailed on the Veendam on it’s 2nd cruise. And then in the Penthouse
    9/01/2001 till 9/09/2001. I wonder if they kept the Neptune head in the
    bathtub ?

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  6. Fran Camino
    Fran Camino 21 February, 2015, 22:15

    @pipegar I Do disagree. I wouldn´t called her dated but classic. The
    service is second to noen, and I wouldn´t changed my beloved chic Veedam
    for any Celebrity ship.

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  7. Null
    Null 21 February, 2015, 22:15

    Nice tour by the way.

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